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    • Our company makes various skin care and beauty products. One of the most successful products we offer is our “Strip It! Hair Removal Sugaring.” Sugaring is also known as cold sugar wax. Introduced in the year 2006, it had a huge appeal in young women and became the first known brand of sugaring in the country.
      Today, Strip It! is one of the most trusted and used brand by many Filipinas. And due to the success of “Strip It!,” last June 2010, we have ventured into a salon business that is now called “Sugar It! Waxing Salon and Spa,” which also offers nail spa services.
      We thank everyone for their continued support & patronage towards our products and services. With this, we want to make sure that we constantly improve our products to fit everyone’s needs. God has blessed us with this company & resources, and we believe that it’s our mission to help other women to improve themselves too.

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      Founded in 2006
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      0917 516 7877
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      Sugar It Waxing Salon 82B Avenida Rizal St., PH2 BPS. , Molino, Bacoor, Cavite

About Us

– The general manager and one of the co-owners of Strip It!

“I always knew I was going to be in “sales” ever since I was young. I sold stationeries in grade school, “ukay-ukay” clothes back in high school, and aromatherapy products at Robinson’s Galleria when I was in college. What else can I say, I definitely love to sell! My husband handles the production processes and we are the owners of “Strip It!
I finished high school and my college years at MIRIAM COLLEGE. I took up BS Entrepreneurship and during our Enterprise Planning subject; the whole “Strip It!” business was formulated.
We were asked to come up with our own business by branding and marketing an innovative product/service, this was year 2006 then. And when I came across this product and saw its potential, my groupmates and I decided to develop it.


We went through tremendous research, surveying, product testing (on my classmates, thank you girls!), and collecting feedback to identify what are needed to be done so we can finally make a commercial wax kit. From that, we came up with the “pelon” cloth strips and tongue depressor as applicator which the original product did not have.”

Where “Strip It” got its name?

Strip It! got its brand name from a simple message that every woman wanted to achieve and that is to help them remove unwanted hair in the easiest, most beneficial & fun way you can – “If there’s a hair you don’t want it, then Strip It!”


“The first time we tested our (prototype) product; my classmates gave a lot of feedback. Some found the consistency too hard and too sticky. And so I decided to make our sugaring, a type of sugar wax, that can be applied easily on the skin. Now, you will notice that Strip It glides smoothly on the skin.


We also specialized on the products’ unique features like “all natural’ and “no need to heat.” It is what women wanted and needed. Together with my groupmates, we launched Strip It! in our school exhibit back in the year 2006 which was the first DO-IT-YOURSELF SUGARING WAX KIT in the market. It is the first wax kit that is all natural, smooth, and easy to use.
Back in the days, every girl was afraid to wax but I taught my schoolmates how to use it and told them about its benefits on our skin and eventually, they loved it! From then on, my groupmates and I started selling the wax personally in bazaars. We even exhibited the product at the ENTREP CORNER (a program of Miriam College & Robinson’s Galleria) last March 2007, where Strip It! was formally launched.


Because of our hard work as aspiring businesswomen, we got featured on T.V. and newspapers as YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS!
In the year 2009, we were able to take control the quality of our product and our business grew even better. Now, our goal is to continue improving our products and create new ones for our beloved customers.”

Milestone along the Way

Media Features

2010 – “Qtube I-shop” segment hosted by Andi Manzano

2010 – MYX “Wer U At?” Studio 23

2010 – “Unang Hirit” and “HANEP BUHAY” of GMA 7, 2011.

2011 – “Mornings at ANC” with Paolo Abrera (c/o Sesou)

2007 – “Kabuhayang Swak na Swak,” ABSCBN

In Magazines

2011 – “Northern Living”

2011 – “Depot Fashion Magazine”

2010 – “Cosmopolitan (Cosmo.PH) by Ms. Bianca Valerio!”

On the radio, too!

2011 – JAM 88.3 with DJ Lana

2011 – DZMM Radyo Negosyo Hosted by Carl Balita which was also aired on Teleradyo

2012 – ANC’s Shoptalk

Sugar It, Waxing Salon

2011 – Entrepreneur Magazine (Franchise Issue)

2014 – Sunshine Radio DZAR 1026 kHz